17 September 2011

Track your Stolen Laptop Online Using Norton Anti-Theft

Your Laptop contains all your personal stuffs and important files which matters a lot for you if  its lost someday, also have the chance of getting your files misused. So avoid the negative impacts caused by your lost laptop and to get it back, you can try Norton’s new online product.
norton anti theft beta
Norton Anti-theft is a new product by Norton that helps you track your lost laptop and recover it back with less effort. It is a web service that will find your stolen laptop online. It is currently in beta phase and tracks your stolen laptops in the US only for now.
First you will need to to create a Norton Anti-theft beta account, which is free for now. After that download the client software and install into your system. The software will run on the system background making you forgot that you’ve ever installed it.
If someday your laptop is stolen or got lost, you can easily track it from Norton Anti theft account. Once the stolen laptop gets connected to internet (even by mistake), it will show you the exact location of the laptop in a map in a real time.
Moreover, you can even lock your files to prevent it from getting viewed or misused by the person having your laptop. The “Sneak Peek” option inside the account will also help you use your webcam online and take the photos of the person using your laptop.
In case you don’t want to ruin your relation with the person using your laptop, you can display a custom message on the monitor and request them to give back your laptop or offer a reward to get your laptop back.
Norton Anti-theft Website

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