17 September 2011

How To Remove The Borders Around The Pictures In Bloggers Blog

You might have observed a thin border around the pictures you upload for your articles in bloggers blog. Some times these borders doesn't even bother us if we have a matching template with the picture, but if the uploaded picture doesn't match with the template it look a bit odd. 

Here is a very simple tips to remove these borders from the pictures in your Blog. You just need to do a little modification in the .post img section of the template.

Just go to your blogger's template and search for the similar codes as given below:

.post img {
border:0px solid $bordercolor;
Or it could look something like this:
.post img {
margin: 6px;
padding: 6px;
background: $imagebgColor;
border: 1px solid $imageBorderColor;
Now just change the lines in blue color to "border:none;" as shown in the following example
.post img {
That's It. Simple Isn't it? If you have any problem leave us a comment and we will help you for sure.

Now borders are removed from the pictures in your blog. :)

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