17 September 2011

How To Automatically Submit Blogs/Sites To Blog Directories

Its really tough to spread the news about a new blog in the internet nowadays. One easier and simpler way to let the world know about your blog is to submit it to the blog directories. but since there are many blog directories and they have usually big forms which asks the details about your blog. You have to repeat this process for all the submissions which is irritating and time consuming. This problem can be handled easily by using WebmasterDeck Directory Submitter 
ad-on for Mozilla Firefox users. 

The WebmasterDeck Directory Submitter is a Firefox Plugin that lets you submit your site to directories in semi manual mode. All you have to do is to provide the details about your site or blog once, and It will auto fill the form fields 
for you while you submit to the directories, making for a faster manual submission process. In most cases you'll only have to fill the Captcha field of the site.

Follow the below Instruction To Use WebmasterDeck
  • Install the Plugin. (Works only in Firefox)
  • Fill the form below with your site data
  • Click the submit button to begin. You will see the first site loading. The form fields will be filled automatically. If necessary fill the catcha field.
  • Click submit in the directory page, your information will be submitted and you will be taken to the next directory
  • If you want to go to the next site, or there's a directory you want to skip, press Alt+1

Thats It.Simple Isn't It ?
Explore other tools of WebmasterDeck @ http://www.webmasterdeck.com/

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