17 September 2011

Get Follow Button Launched By Twitter For Your Websites/Blogs

Finally twitter has launched Follow button through which users will be able to subscribe to the twitter feeds or tweets of the companies and individuals directly from their websites with a single click.

Earlier websites and blog webmasters had to redirect the users to their respective pages on Twitter to allow users to follow them. Obvious to say that this new feature will encourage publishers to increase the number of followers on their sites, without taking any risks of redirecting their audiences off-site.

Users will still be able to preview profiles before following webmasters or publishers by clicking the user name next to the Follow button.

So If you are interested in adding this button to your site or blog you can set it up here. You just need to provide your user name and the HTML code will be generated for your button, you can use this code anywhere in your site to display the follow button.

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