16 September 2011

Bloapp: How To Create An iPhone Application For Your Blog/Website

Apple users must be aware of iStore an ocean of applications for Apple iPhones and iPods. Have you ever thought of creating an application for your blogs or websites? I am sure many of you must have! but you must have also heard that its not an easy task for a layman to create these applications as they require a strong programing knowledge and skills. So if you are a layman or even a geek and want to create an application for apple iPhones and iPods for your websites or blogs so that your readers can always be updated and connected with your blog, bloapp.com will help you.

Bloapp is a simple to use online web tool that lets you create an application for your website or blog. To create an application is so easy as well, all you have to do is register for an account and add your blog URLs; you can create  apps for multiple sites with one account. The service supports self-hosted blogs as well as blogs on Blogspot, Posterous, Tumblr, Weebly, Blogdrive, and Tripod. 

How the whole process works:
  • The site provides a blank iPhone app in the apple appstore.
  • Register your blogs with bloapp.com and customize your app.
  • Now QR code will be generated for your app
  • Your readers will snap this QR code and retrieve your app.
Create app for your blog @ www.bloapp.com/index

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