20 August 2011

Male Sex Problems

We are Providing Consultation, Knowledge and Treatments for the Followings:

1. ERECTILE DYSFUNTION (Problem in Getting or Maintaining Erection at the Time of Sex ) (Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes . Erectile Dysfunction due to Age Factor . Erectile Dysfunction due to any Medical Condition . Erectile Dysfunction as Side Effects of Illicit Drugs . Erectile Dysfunction as side of any Medicines . Erectile Dysfunction due to Stress . Erectile Dysfunction due to Performance Anxiety . Erectile Dysfunction due to Cardiac Problems . Erectile Dysfunction due to Psychological Factors . Erectile Dysfunction at any Stage of Age . Erectile Dysfunction due to any other Reason etc.)
2. PREMATURE EJACULATION (Getting Discharged Before Own or Partner's Satisfaction at the time of Sex) (Premature Ejaculation due to Stress . Premature Ejaculation at any Stage of Age . Premature Ejaculation due to Age . Premature Ejaculation due to Anxiety . Premature Ejaculation as Side Effect of Illicit Drugs . Premature Ejaculation due to side Effects of Few Medicines . Premature Ejaculation due to Psychological Factors . Premature Ejaculation due to any Medical Condition . Premature Ejaculation due to any other Reason)
3. LOSS OF LIBIDO (This is a Condition in which Men are able to have Sex  but Don't  want to have Sex, Low Sex Desire)
5. HYPER GONADISM (Abnormally Increased Functional Activity of the Goands, with Excessive Growth and Premature Sexual Development)
6. HYPO GONADISM (Abnormally Decreased Functional Activity of the Goands, with Retardation of Growth and Sexual Development)
7. HYPO ESTHIA (A Decrease of Sensibility and Desire for Sex in Men)
8. HYPER ESTHIA (Excessive Increase of Sex Impulse and Feelings in Men)
9. NOCTURNAL EMISSION (The Discharge which takes place when Man is sleeping and No Practical Act of Sex is involved)
10. SPERMATORRHOEA (A Condition in which there is an Abnormal Release of Semen from the Penis of a Man without the Act of Sex or Orgasm) ( Dhat )
11. LACK OF CONFIDENCE (Where Man Feels afraid of Sex )
12. SEXUAL DEPRESSION ( It is A Mental State in which, an Man who Considers His Sexuality is as Boring, Passive and Gloomy )
13. SEXUAL APATHY (It is Totally Unconcerned attitude of a Man for Sex towards His Partner)
14. Sex Counseling for Men and Couple
15. How to Have First Sex Knowledge for Mean
16. Tips to Improve Sex Life of a Man
17. Fear in Men due to Sex Problems
18. Premarital Sex Problems of a Man
19. Sex Problem after Marriage in Men
20. Resolving Sex Related Myths of a Man
21. Hesitation in Men Due to Sex Problems
22. How can a Man Improve Sex Life with Exercise
23. Weakness in Men after Sex or Masturbation
24. Lack of Confidence in a Man due to Sex Problems
25. Burning in Penis of a Man after Sex or Masturbation

We Try Our Level Best to give the Best Possible SEX Life to each of our Patient.

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