10 June 2011

how to upload a Blogger XML template!

edit html
Step 1. Un-zip the zip file that you downloaded from http://www.freetemplate24.co.cc/, in order to extract the XML template from it.
Step 2. Log in to your Blogger’s dashboard, then go to LAYOUT -> EDIT HTML

Step 3. It’s best that your backup your old template (just in case any thing goes wrong), by clicking on the “DOWNLOAD FULL TEMPLATE” link and then save the file to your hard disk drive.
backup template
Step 4. Once you have created a back up, upload the new template by clicking the ‘Choose File’ button. Select the file’s source and click ‘UPLOAD’,
Step 5. After the upload is complete , you can either which to preview your template or click on the ‘SAVE TEMPLATE’ button to start using it.

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