02 March 2011

Bypass New Theater Photo Viewer in Facebook

Bypass New Theater Photo Viewer in Facebook
Posted: 20 Feb 2011 12:56 AM PST
Facebook has been making lots of changes and improvements in its users profiles and Pages. Some changes might be interesting and useful to all the users and some might not be. Same thing is happening with the new Theater style photo viewer in Facebook.
The photos gets opened in a Lightbox popup photo viewer (aka Theater) when you click the photos thumbnail in Facebook now. If you are happy with the new theater photo viewer in Facebook then its alright and If you didn’t like it then you can Bypass the new theater photo viewer in Facebook and switch back to classic photo viewer by using simple tricks explained below.
facebook viewer 600x404 Bypass New Theater Photo Viewer in Facebook
1. Press the F5 button
This is the easiest way to bypass new Theater style photo viewer in Facebook and view your photos classic style . After you click the photo thumbnail in Facebook, It gets opened in the popup Lightbox window which is called the Theater photo view.
Now just press “F5″ button in your keyboard, the page will get refreshed and the photo will get opened in the classic mode.
2. Remove “&theater” from the Link
After you click the Photo thumbnail on Facebook, the image will open in a lightbox popup window. Once its loaded check the link of the page at the browser address bar. Remove a code “&theater” from part of the link (at last) of the photo from address bar and hit the Enter key. Now the photo will get opened in classic style.
3. Facebook Lightbox Killer
The above both process are temporarily and gets applied for that current photo viewing only It means you have to do same for each photos you want to view every time which is really annoying job.
Facebook Lightbox Killer is a permanent solution for getting classic photo viewer for your Facebook. It is a browser extension developed by betterfacebook.net that removes the annoying Light Box (aka Theater) popup when viewing pictures on Facebook. It is currently available for only Firefox and Chrome browsers. The settings gets applied for all Facebook accounts opened in that web browser.

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