02 March 2011

Block Websites from Google’s Web Search Result

Block Websites from Google’s Web Search Result
Suppose you’re searching for some important content on Google Web search and the search result shows the same website again and again on using different keywords too. So if you are a Google Chrome browser user then there is a free extension that helps you block certain domain name from Google Webs Search Result.
Personal Blocklist is that Chrome extension that will help people block certain websites from your web search results. Once you install this extension on your chrome browser, a link will get appeared on the right side of each search results labelled “Block Domain-name” and once you click the link, the contents from that website won’t appear in your any Google web search results.
Google Blok Block Websites from Googles Web Search Result
In the screenshot I have shown you how to block the websites on Google search, Don’t apply this feature on our domain name unless you to to get our blog contents appeared on Google Web  search result.
Moreover the extension also sends the blocked website information to Google, and Google will study the resulting feedback and explore using it as a potential ranking signal for our search results.
To Unblock the domain names you blocked before and to see the website on Google Search results, Just click the extension icon on the top right to address block. Now it will show you the list of blocked websites on a Dialog box and click the “Unblock” links of the websites you don’t want to block furthermore.
Unblock google search Block Websites from Googles Web Search Result

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