17 February 2011

Use Dropbox CDN for your WordPress Blog

Use Dropbox CDN for your WordPress Blog
Posted: 16 Feb 2011 07:54 AM PST
Using Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) for your website is among the best ways to speed up your website load time. CDN is used to host your Website’s static components like images, JavaScript files, CSS and other basic files at various points in a network so as to maximize bandwidth for access to the data from clients throughout the network. Since the files get copied around multiple networks in the different geographical locations so the user will access the copy of the file near to it instantly which will surely make the website load faster.
There are many companies that provides CDN service for your website and WordPress blogs, but you need to pay them according to the bandwidth used. So using Dropbox CDN for your wordpress blog is a wise thing for those who want free CDN service for their blog. You can get 2GB storage on Dropbox with free signup and even more on referring other people.
Dropbox CDN is all that wordpress plugin that helps you copy all the static files related to your wordpress theme on on dropbox. All you have to do is install this plugin on your wordpress blog, make few settings and let plugin do rest of the work.
If you got Dropbox software installed on your PC then open the ‘Public’ folder inside Dropbox folder from your computer or you can open the same folder from your browser by signing in into your dropbox account. Now create a new folder inside it similar to your blog name like I have used ‘Bloganol’ here and Upload all of the .js, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .css files from your theme inside that folder keeping the same folder structure.
Time to login into your Dropbox account at dropbox.com, navigate to Public-folder and open your folder that contains the file of your wordpress theme. Click arrow next to the file you uploaded to get the public link.
copy public link Use Dropbox CDN for your Wordpress BlogCopy the highlighted section of the public link box. The link includes your user ID which I have replaced here with “ABC” for security purpose.
copy public link box Use Dropbox CDN for your Wordpress BlogHere comes the final step of the customization now. Open “Dropbox CDN” page from the wordpress Settings list. Enter the Dropbox folder public URL (that we copied before) in the “URL to Public folder” box and save the plugin. Now as I said before, the plugin will take care of rest of the work.
save plugin Use Dropbox CDN for your Wordpress Blog
How to Create a Free Android Application of your Blog
Posted: 15 Feb 2011 11:33 PM PST
Android is now becoming one of the most popular Mobile Platform nowadays with the large increase in the mobile phones powered by Android OS. So It has been necessary for all blogs to get their android application to make their android using readers easily get connected with their updates from their phone.
beednu How to Create a Free Android Application of your BlogFeed.nu is a web service that alloys you to create a free android application of your blog by importing your blog feed there. You got lots of option to customize the way your Android application looks. This service is hosted in wordpress like other wordpress blogs and I think it will be much more easy for you if you are a wordpress user.
To Create an Android application for your Blog, You should first Signup to Feed.nu and then Login into your Account. The Dashboard looks exact like the WordPress Admin panel. From there Goto “Feed Settings” and add feed URL of your Blog and Click Update now to fetch the content of that Feed.
update feed How to Create a Free Android Application of your BlogYou can change the appearance of the Android application right inside form the “Appearance Tab”. You got option to make changes on the colors, logo and banners of the application.
appearance How to Create a Free Android Application of your BlogYou can simply make changes on the Language of the application from the “Language” Tab where “English” is default language and make changes on the settings of the application from the “Settings” Tab.
Moreover, You can also place Google Adsense Ads on your Android application from the “Manage Ads”  Tab. Check on the Display Ads option, Enter your Google Adsense Ad slot name and Client Id and click “Add this” to display ads on your Android Application.
monetize How to Create a Free Android Application of your Blog
Finally Click the “Generate APK”  button in the Android Tab to generate free Android Application of your Blog. Download the APK file and then publish it on android market to make all your readers read your Updates from their android Phone.
generate apk How to Create a Free Android Application of your Blog

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