17 February 2011

Send Files to Dropbox Instantly with a Right-Click

Send Files to Dropbox Instantly with a Right-Click
  • Schedule your Computer Auto Shutdown Time [Windows and Linux]
  • 20 Free Websites to Download YouTube Videos Instantly into your PC
  • Send Files to Dropbox Instantly with a Right-Click
    Posted: 14 Feb 2011 11:14 PM PST Dropbox Logo Send Files to Dropbox Instantly with a Right ClickWhen you got some important file to be saved on your Dropbox so that that you can access that file easily from anywhere. First you have to search for the Dropbox folder hidden somewhere inside your PC and Copy-Paste the file there. If the files are at same location then it might be easy and If files are spreaded in multiple locations then it might be much time consuming task. So here is a great windows handy tool to send files and folders into your Dropbox folder instantly.
    dropbox Send Files to Dropbox Instantly with a Right ClickDropbox shell is a free windows extension to speed up copy or move files to your Dropbox. This tool adds a new menu item to Windows’ contextual menu letting you send your selected files into your Dropbox Instantly with a simple right-click. You got option for both Copy and Move and It also supports both files and folders.
    Schedule your Computer Auto Shutdown Time [Windows and Linux] Posted: 14 Feb 2011 10:03 PM PST Suppose you’re downloading a movie for your PC and Its still more than an hour left to get the download completed. You’re even feeling too sleepy and can’t wait until the time the download gets completed to shut down your computer. In that case I got a great tool with which you can automate your Computer shutdown time and sleep peacefully.
    kshutdown Schedule your Computer Auto Shutdown Time [Windows and Linux]Kshutdown is an advanced shutdown utility for KDE/Linux and Windows platform which is Free and Opensource. It allows you to set the exact date and time or “time from now” on which you likely want to shutdown your computer. Simply select the action, select the date and time and click ‘OK’ to make your Computer shutdown on scheduled date and time that might be one hour from that time or more than a month after that.
    In addition this utility allows you to auto restart, hybernate, suspend (sleep), lockscreen or logout your Computer on various time with delay options. There is also an extra options that allows you to set a specific commands like stopping a particular program or terminate the connection. 20 Free Websites to Download YouTube Videos Instantly into your PC Posted: 13 Feb 2011 10:07 PM PST When it comes about YouTube I think you know more about it than I do. Well, Youtube is an Online Video Community where  users can share their videos and also can watch the videos uploaded by Other people for free.
    youtube 20 Free Websites to Download YouTube Videos Instantly into your PC You can use Cool YouTube URL tricks or if you are a Google chrome user then you can use free chrome extensions for better YouTube video watching experience. But the main thing is there is no video downloading Option in YouTube. You have to use some tricks to download YouTube videos directly into your PC and here are some cool 20 ways.
    1. Keepvid: Its my all time best website to download youtube videos for my computer. Its really easy to download youtube videos from keepvid, Just enter your desired youtube video address in the inputbox in the site and get multiple download options for that video. Keepvid offers you the video download in .3GP , .Mp4 and .FLV format.
    2. Gazzump: Gazzump is the ultimate youtube videos download application for downloading youtube videos in various audio and video formats. Some of these formats include mp3, wav, wmv, avi, mov, mp4, flv and many more! Downloading YouTube videos with our advanced and user friendly technology has never been easier.
    3. Savevid: Savevid is also among like other youtube video downloaders that allows you to download your loved youtube video in MP4, 3GP and in FLV format with different options for quality downloads low quality, medium quality and high quality.
    4. Vixy: Vixy also among my used online site to download my desired youtube videos. Its also a free service and you can also download the youtube videos in MP4 format for Iphones, AVI format for windows, MOV format for MAC, 3GP format for cell phones and also in MP3 for audio players.
    5. Vidgrab: Vidgrab allows you to download youtube videos in FLV format and it also works with Google videos and even myspace videos.Besides it also lists out the top most viewed videos.
    6. Catchvideo: Catchvideo is also unlike other youtube video download site that helps you do download your desired youtube video into your PC in FLV and MP4 format with option for different quality downloads.
    7. Catchyoutube: CatchYouTube enables you to download and convert YouTube videos into Windows (mpg), Mac (.mov), DVD (.dvd) iPhod / Sony PSP and Apple iPhone (.mp4), Mobile (.3gp), Audio (.mp3 and .wav) and Flash (.flv) file formats.
    8. Keeptube: KeepTube is also like other browser youtube video download tools that lets you download high quality videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Facebook, Myspace, Google, Metacafe, Spike, Redtube and more in FLV format without any registration or any boring processes.
    9. Savetube: Savetube yet is also a browser based youtube video download tool that helps you download youtube videos in FLV, 3GP and MP4 format with options for different quality downloads.
    10. MP4youtube: MP4youtube also offers you the download of your favourite youtube video in 3GP format for Mobile phones, in FLV format for PC and in MP4 format for your Iphone with your desired quality.
    11. Clipnabber: Clipnabber allows you to download videos from popular video sites like youtube, metacafe, dailymotion etc  just by pasting the video URL in the box and choosing the video download format. The video download format includes MP4, FLV and 3GP.
    12. Zamzar: There is mainly four steps to download videos from Zamzar, First is paste the URL of your desired video, second choose the format(around 18) , third is enter your email address and fourth click the convert button. The converted video with download link will be emailed to you later.
    13. Savevideo: Savevideo offers you download your desired youtube video in FLV format in two qualities, low quality or higher quality, It also supports video download from facebook, dailymotion and more.
    14. Tubezen: Tubezen is also among the other youtube video download site which offers you to download Youtube Videos Online for free in 3Gp, Mp4, HD, Flv, Mp3 and Wmv.
    15. KissYoutube:  To download video through Kissyoutube, Just add Kiss in the URL of the youtube video that you want to download. For example if you want to download the video with URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tCRfophXeU then Just add a text Kiss in  the URL like that http://www.Kissyoutube.com/watch?v=4tCRfophXeU, then it will redirect you to download page from where you can download video in FLV format.
    16. KeepHD: With KeepHD  you can also download youtube videos in  the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices plus the standard MP4 and FLV format. Moreover you can download youtube videos in MP3 format for your audio devices.
    17. GetvideoMP3: GetVideoMP3 is the easy way to download YouTube videos onto your PC and save them forever in either FLV or MP4 format plus download MP3 audio tracks from videos for free.
    18. Icyvideo: Unlike other youtube video download tool, Just enter the video URL in the Icyvideo Input box and download your desired youtube video in 3GP, FLV and MP4 format. Icyvideo also offers video download from from Dailymotion, Metacafe and more.
    19. Bender Converter: Bender Converter is an easy-to-use online application for downloading and converting videos from Video websites likeYouTube, Daily Motion and more in  MP3, AVI, FLV Flash, iPod / iPhone and other popular formats.
    20. Tubeminator: With Tubeminator users can easily download youtube video just by entering their desired youtube video URL on the first step and on second step download that video in 6 different formats AVI, 3GP, MOV, MP4,FLV and in MP3 with options for different sizes and audio and video quality options.

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